Cemetery Information

The Charter Township of Haring Cemetery is located at 7871 E. 30 ¾ Road.

 Cadillac, Mich.

 Established in 1870

Sexton: Raymond Vasser (231) 878-0025

In Early May our fire department and volunteers do a spring cleanup each year that began in the spring of 2022. 

We appreciate the work they do to make our cemetery look nice.

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Interesting facts on the cemetery:

On September 18, 1882, Ephaim Shay & his wife Jane sold the first section of the cemetery to Haring Township for $1.00

Then on September 11, 1959, Richard Taylor along with his wife Eileen sold to Haring Township another section for the cemetery for the price of $75.00.

They again sold another section of property to the township for the cemetery on March 28, 1974, for $2,500.00